This household faced financial constraints when it came to purchasing a new backpack for their child. Undeterred, the father took matters into his own hands and crafted one from scratch.

A dad, facing financial constraints, took it upon himself to create a handmade backpack for his son who lost his only bag during a school trip to Thailand, reports Unilad.

Ni Keng, a five-year-old from Cambodia, found himself without a bag due to his family’s limited income, which had already been allocated for books and stationery. Unable to afford a new backpack, Ni Kang’s father devoted an entire night to weaving a unique one using blue raffia thread. The touching story was captured by the boy’s teacher, Sophus Swan, who shared the heartfelt images on Facebook.

The father’s commitment to ensuring his son’s comfort amid adversity is truly heartwarming.

The Facebook post, featuring the handmade backpack, has garnered over 6,000 shares, with many people expressing admiration for the father’s dedication and inventive spirit. Some even reached out to the school, eager to extend their support to Ni and his family.

Isn’t it inspiring to witness a father’s unwavering efforts to make sure his son doesn’t face any inconveniences?


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