Witness the astonishing performance of a 10-year-old schoolboy as he takes the stage, delivering a rock ‘n’ roll show that leaves the entire audience in awe.

Joseph Sheppard arrives with his guitar, clad in a distinctive leather jacket, ready to unleash the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll!

Upon our initial encounter with Joseph, he dispelled any nerves with a lively backstage dance. While he casually mentioned his intention to sing, the full scope of his plan became evident when he reappeared with his guitar and iconic leather jacket. Joseph electrified the stage with a stellar rendition of Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B Goode.’

David expressed his admiration, stating, “You’re truly amazing. Despite your stature, your musical prowess is outstanding. Juggling singing and guitar playing is no easy feat. I foresee you becoming a colossal star.” From his remarkable guitar skills to his vocal talents, Joseph illuminated the stage, earning praise even from Simon Cowell, who granted him two likes.

Following this unexpected performance, the judges showered the young man with accolades. Joseph undeniably possesses a wealth of skills and charisma, making Britain’s Got Talent the perfect platform for showcasing his talents to the world. Anticipation lingers for his next performance, as Joseph secured four affirmative votes from the judges, propelling him to the next round.


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