When a chit approaches the door, the perroquet decides to capture it.

George is a cute pet tiger who lives in New Zealand. Due to his high level of sociability and friendliness, he frequently pays his neighbors a visit. There have now been more reasons for visits after the cat noticed colored perroquets living behind a glass door. Le ronronnement a figuratively anticipated a closer “knowledge” – and if you might make money with a new bird?

George portrayed the story’s main character, a “man” with green hair and an accompanying collar. He passes Oscar and stands out for his creativity and intelligence. The perroquet is chatty and enjoys talking.
However, practice has shown that Oscar enjoys playing games and pulling pranks on uninvited guests.

The perroquet master observed and recorded this scene. The video is quickly becoming popular on the internet! All those who see the foolish parrot and the disgruntled cat, whose schemes to get money with the bird have obviously failed, smile! In reality, Oscar is friends with Poppy, a different breed of dog. It has a gray body, a red neck, and a snow-white head. The two feathered friends communicate clearly, although it’s unclear whether one of them enjoys taming the cat like our hero Oscar. Even if we are certain that George is disappointed, he might still stop close to the perroquet.


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