The unique version of the boy’s song fascinated and touched Simon

“America’s Got Talent serves as an unparalleled beacon of creativity and boundless opportunity, offering a global stage for individuals to unveil their exceptional talents to audiences spanning continents. With its unique format and far-reaching influence, the show has emerged as a launching pad for countless hopefuls, propelling them into the stratosphere of fame and acclaim.

Simons store favoritt inntar scenen – røres til tårer midt i makeløs opptreden

At the core of AGT beats the heart of its esteemed panel of judges, the guardians of destiny who wield the power to catapult a performer towards stardom or redirect them to refine their craft. Among these luminaries are industry veterans like the incomparable Howie Mandel, whose seasoned insight is matched only by the allure of supermodel Heidi Klum. Alongside them, the dynamic duo of Mel B and Sofia Vergara have alternated in the third seat, infusing the panel with a rich tapestry of experience and expertise. And towering above them all is the formidable figure of Simon Cowell, the visionary architect behind the show’s inception and arguably its most discerning critic. Simon Cowell, celebrated for his unwavering pursuit of excellence and exacting standards, harbors his own set of favorites amidst the diverse array of talents that grace the AGT stage. His discerning gaze is drawn to performers who possess that elusive ‘phenom’ factor, a rare quality that elevates them above the rest. In Michael Ketterer, Simon has unearthed a true diamond in the rough.

Since his inaugural appearance on the AGT stage, Michael’s performances have mesmerized not only Simon but the entire panel of judges and the enraptured audience alike. His soul-stirring rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” during the finals stands as a testament to his unparalleled talent and unbridled passion for his craft. As the audience erupts into a thunderous ovation, it becomes clear that Michael’s artistry transcends mere entertainment – it resonates deeply with all who bear witness to it. As we extend our invitation for you to experience Michael’s captivating performance in the accompanying video, we eagerly anticipate your feedback. Join the global conversation on Facebook and share your thoughts on this extraordinary talent that has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions worldwide.”


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