The residence boasts a rich history spanning 340 years. Explore its revamped interiors through captivating photos showcasing the transformation.

In the year 1680, as Isaac Newton delved into his groundbreaking research on the theory of gravity, a magnificent stone residence emerged along the picturesque north coast of Cornwall. Centuries later, a young family became the custodians of this historic property, embarking on a journey of restoration and modernization.

Following extensive renovations, the focus shifted to rejuvenating the interiors, where a distinctive style coined as “rustic, old-school glamour” was carefully curated. Initially, the dwelling, reminiscent of old cottages with small windows and low ceilings, exuded a somber atmosphere. To infuse vitality, the walls, ceilings, and beams were artfully adorned with a fresh coat of white paint, amplifying the infusion of natural light through white window frames.

The introduction of opulent chandeliers and ornate mirrors seamlessly elevated the ambiance, imparting a sense of spaciousness and sophistication to the living spaces. The discerning owners opted for light fabrics and furnishings, complemented by a meticulous fireplace cleanup, transforming it into the radiant focal point of the room.

Within the heart of this historical abode, the main living and dining rooms stand as testaments to over 340 years of architectural evolution. A subsequent extension, skillfully integrated, now hosts a charming country-style kitchen and a nostalgic retro bathroom.

Before the inception of the kitchen space, the main living room, adorned with its welcoming fireplace, served as the hub for culinary preparations. A small nook adjacent to the hearth underwent a delightful transformation into a relaxing area, featuring a vintage leather chair and an array of cherished books.

Nearby, bathed in the soft glow of natural light streaming through the window, a cozy corner emerged, adorned with a plush sheepskin covering—a haven for leisurely reading, adding a touch of warmth and charm to this storied dwelling.

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