The husband told the wife that he has the right to take half of the wife’s salary and it belongs to him

After a grueling day at work, when it seemed that everything had calmed down and become ordinary, the man decided to raise an important issue with his wife. However, the words he spoke seemed to split her world into pieces. “You know, my dear, I believe that I am entitled to half your salary,” he said, as if it were a matter of course. At first, the woman couldn’t believe her ears. Maybe it was some kind of joke or misunderstanding? But his face was serious, and this indicated that he was speaking quite seriously.

The husband’s unexpected statement shook his wife to the depths of her soul. She felt like she was facing something incredible, something she simply wasn’t ready for. How could he take on such a right without discussing it with her first? Thoughts were swirling around in her head and she was trying to figure out what exactly his logic was.

A bag of mixed feelings flooded her heart. On the one hand, she was dumbfounded and offended by this demand. On the other hand, she felt disappointed and depressed, realizing that her husband apparently did not see all the work and contribution that she made to the family budget. The woman’s reaction was far from what the husband expected to see. She silently went to her room to think about everything that had happened and figure out how to proceed.

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