The dad imparts the art of singing to his daughter, while simultaneously managing their exclusive blog.

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Jordan Watson gained fame through his concise and clever videos, offering simple yet effective instructions on child care. His rise to stardom began with practical advice delivered in a minimalistic manner, emphasizing actions over words. Assisted by his granddaughters, Jordan’s debut video on proper baby handling garnered hundreds of thousands of views and even landed him a spot on local television.

Jordan Watson, now a renowned video blogger, carved his niche in parenting unexpectedly. Initially creating a video for his girlfriend, who had recently become a mother, he provided detailed guidance on addressing baby-related concerns, despite not having children of his own at the time. The video’s unexpected popularity prompted Jordan to continue his unique approach. As his family grew with the arrival of his daughters, he began incorporating his parenting insights into videos. In one heartwarming clip, he imparts the art of singing to his four-year-old daughter, creating an endearing moment.

Sharing his parenting wisdom through the How to Dad YouTube channel and corresponding Facebook page, Jordan covers a range of topics, from bathing a child in the kitchen sink to unconventional but effective parenting methods. Interestingly, his Experimental Father videos find more traction on Facebook than YouTube, with some surpassing a million views, showcasing the widespread appeal of his content.

Jordan Watson exemplifies that fathers, too, can play an active role in child-rearing. Following his entertaining and insightful instructions not only makes parenting enjoyable for children but also adds a touch of fun for parents. His approach resonates, proving that with a bit of humor and creativity, parenting can be a delightful journey for both kids and parents alike.


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