Many people liked this girl’s performance on the street. Indeed he performs excellently

A walk through the streets of the city in the evening helps to relax and escape from everyday affairs and the bustle of work. Better yet, take a walk to the music. Street musicians give a special atmosphere and color to the urban environment. Their music is always sincere, regardless of the style and manner of performance. On the streets of New York, you can meet a young violinist who plays her instrument every day and attracts the attention of many passers-by. This young girl is Karolina Protsenko, who is already known not only in New York. The girl became famous thanks to her peculiar manner of performance.

Cute little girl and Karolina Protsenko

She performs modern pop hits, but changes them to a classic style. Her original music made her recognizable. Carolina is not the first who decided on such an experiment in music. Not so long ago, a style called the classic crossover came into the musical culture, which combines elements of classical music and pop, rock, electronic music. Today this style is insanely popular. Musicians working in this direction create the most fashionable music in the world from R&B to hip-hop, dubstep and fusion, make arrangements of famous songs, thereby collecting entire stadiums.

Karolina Protsenko

As it turned out, atypical music can be played on academic instruments. Crossover is a new generation of music that combines several musical styles at once. A special case is the classic crossover, in which the classic style is mixed with pop-rock, rock or rock and roll, but everything happens smoothly and harmoniously. Despite the fact that this style originated around the 1970s, it received its name relatively recently. Carolina brought this style to perfection. Her style of performance is unlike any other. Almost millions of people have subscribed to her page on social networks and everyone admires her talent. The girl not only plays the violin, but also dances to the rhythm of the game. Passers-by stop and cannot go further, enchanted by the beautiful music. Very often, small children stop by her and even take part in her performance. One day, a five-year-old girl approached Caroline when she was playing one of Dua Lipa’s songs and began to dance to the beat. Carolina supported the child and began to dance with her. It turned out to be a spontaneous cute duet.


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