The Voice Contestant Earns Rare 4-Chair Turn with Powerful Rendition of ‘You Say’

In an awe-inspiring showcase of vocal prowess, David Aumua stole the spotlight on ‘The Voice Australia,’ leaving both the audience and judges entranced. With a soul-stirring rendition of Lauren Daigle’s hit track ‘You Say,’ David accomplished the rare feat of earning a four-chair turn from the panel.

While ‘The Voice’ consistently features exceptional musical talents, it’s a rarity for all four judges to be so thoroughly captivated that they unanimously spin their chairs. David Aumua’s performance marked an extraordinary moment, captivating not only one or two, but all four judges.

A glimpse of David Aumua’s blind audition clip on YouTube unveils him commanding the stage, flawlessly delivering Daigle’s poignant lyrics. The immediate eruption of emotion from the audience bears witness to the profound connection David forged. The studio resonated with sharp, jubilant cheers as he showcased his velvety voice, embellished with an impressive array of vocal runs. It didn’t take long for the first two judges to hit their buttons and pivot their chairs.

With lines like, “You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing; You say I am strong when I think I am weak,” David’s heartfelt interpretation struck chords on multiple levels. As he approached the climax of the song, Jason Derulo and Rita Ora, in near perfect synchrony, joined their fellow judges by hitting their buttons, completing the set of four.



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