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The first marriage on the first night is a sexual first rapprochement of newlyweds, which is accompanied by a bride’s deformity.
At present, it is a considerable conventional concept, since it may be a long time before formal marriage or some time after marriage registration. Besides, sexual rapprochement is not always the night. Even in the sexual life, inexperienced marriages are able to have sexual intercourse, but on the first night of marriage, a very important event in the lives of lovers. The conditions that are desirable during the initial rapprochement are quite simple, but they should be thought of in advance.
For example, the bed should not be split, it is desirable that the room be a candlelight. Husbands should remember hygiene. It should be borne in mind that the attitude of girls towards the first sexual intercourse differs significantly from men’s attitude. Most of the girls are afraid of it. They enjoy hugs, kisses, sw


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